Featured Projects

Client: Copper Kirby Development
Location: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Market: Land Development / Municipal
Category: Municipal Wastewater Facility

Kirby Sewage Pumping Station For the Copper Creek Block 55 Northwest Development

ETO Engineering, in collaboration with Copper Kirby Developments c/o TACC, has been tasked with providing comprehensive engineering design and construction contract administration services for the Kirby Sewage Pumping Station (SPS) in the City of Vaughan, serving the planned and future development in the Copper Creek Block 55 Northwest.

The Kirby SPS is engineered to accommodate residential dwellings in the new Copper Creek Block 55 Northwest, with an ultimate design pumping capacity of 78L/s. Initially, during interim phases, the Sewage Pumping Station will operate at a maximum of 41 L/s until downstream treatment facilities can handle the ultimate flow.

The major scope of work involves providing multidisciplinary engineering services for the design and delivery of the new sewage pumping station. This includes process mechanical, structural, architectural, electrical, instrumentation control, site civil, and SCADA programming. Hydraulic Transient Analysis modeling has been conducted to ensure optimal system performance. Furthermore, the project encompasses providing construction design details, specifications, contract administration, and site inspection.

Client: Regional Municipality of York
Location: Georgina, Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Municipal Water Treatment Plant

Georgina Water Treatment Plant Instrumentation, Controls, and Electrical Upgrades

ETO Engineering has been contracted by the Regional Municipality of York to provide design, site inspection, and contract administration services for the Georgina Water Treatment Plant (WTP) instrumentation, controls, and electrical upgrades. The Georgina WTP serves as the primary water treatment facility for communities within the Town of Georgina, including Keswick and Sutton. Phase 1 of the plant was constructed in 2003 and expanded into Phase 2 in 2011, encompassing essential treatment processes such as low lift pumping station, membrane filtration system, GAC filters, UV system, chlorination system, and high lift pumping station. The plant's operations are managed through a fully automatic control system utilizing a combination of Allen Bradley SLC and ControlLogix PLCs. Recommendations outlined in York Region’s 2020 SCADA Master Plan necessitate the upgrade of SLC PLC controllers and various instrumentation at the Georgina WTP.

The scope of work includes upgrading and replacing PAC panels, associated field wiring, and SCADA programming for the entire Georgina WTP and LLPS, with a focus on transitioning legacy SLC PLCs to ControlLogix PLCs. Additionally, instrumentation will be replaced based on end-of-life assessments, VFDs and starters for motor-driven equipment will be upgraded to incorporate intelligent control and pump performance monitoring, and pneumatic and electrical valves will be replaced using bus communication technology. Enhancements will be made to standby power by installing a second 900kW generator to support the plant's ultimate capacity of 50 MLD. The plant network system will be upgraded to accommodate new intelligent MCC, alongside implementing other recommendations from the 2020 SCADA Master Plan for the Georgina WTP.

Client: Regional Municipality of Waterloo
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Municipal Solid Waste Facility

Waterloo Landfill Gas Blower Upgrade

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo has retained ETO Engineering to design upgrades for the Waterloo Landfill Gas (LFG) Collection System, including the addition of a new 75HP multistage centrifugal blower to add additional capacity and redundancy to the LFG system. This includes mechanical upgrades, electrical upgrades, and controls upgrades. The scope of work also included obtaining TSSA approval for LFG system upgrades, and proper construction staging to complete the upgrades in-situ.

In August 2023, the project is substantially completed with the addition of 75HP multistage centrifugal blower, process mechanical upgrades, new control valves and bypass valves, MCC upgrades with TSSA approval for landfill gas system modifications and the control panel upgrades to accommodate new blower and appurtenances.

Client: City of Barrie
Location: Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Reservoir and Pumping Station

Anne Street North Zone 2 and Zone 3 Water Booster Pumping Station

The Anne St Reservoir is located within Zone 1 of the City of Barrie’s Water Distribution System. There is an existing booster pumping station (BPS) that pumps water to Zone 2N. A complete rebuild of the existing Zone 2N Pumping Station is provided as the existing station is reaching the end of its life expectancy and is in need of major refurbishing.

ETO Engineering is retained by the City of Barrie to provide professional engineering services to rebuild the existing BPS to replace the existing Anne St BPS feeding water distribution to Zone 2N and to include a new booster pumping system arrangement feeding Zone 3N all housed within one common new BPS.

Client: Regional Municipality of York
Location: Keswick, Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility

Keswick WRRF Aeration System Upgrade

The Keswick Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) is an extended aeration treatment plant equipped with tertiary ultra-filtration membranes. The existing process aeration system consists of four (4) 200 HP (150 kW) multi-stage centrifugal blowers (3 duty, one standby), each capable of supplying approximately 5,316 m3/hr of airflow. The blowers are located in the lower level Aeration Blower Gallery, complete with inlet valves used to regulate blower output.

ETO Engineering is retained by the York Region to identify risks and opportunities within the aeration system. ETO will provide professional engineering services to assess the existing aeration system capacity, upgrade the aeration system with the state-of-the-art process equipment and advanced control systems to achieve overall energy savings. A new Ammonia Based Aeration Control (ABAC) will be piloted and implemented in addition to various upgrades to the system.

In May 2024, this project was substantially completed within the project budget and one month ahead of the original project schedule.

Client: Regional Municipality of Halton
Location: Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Pumping Stations

Mechanical, Electrical and Fuel System Upgrades Related TSSA Compliance at Various Pumping Stations

The Regional Municipality of Halton has identified thiry-one (31) Water, Wastewater and Stormwater facilities that require civil, mechanical and fuel system upgrades in order to maintain the water distribution system and wastewater collection system in a state of good repair. The Halton Region also intends to upgrade the Bayshore WWPS by adding a new emergency standby diesel generator.

ETO Engineering is retained by Halton Region as the Prime Consultant for the Design, Contract Tender Preparation, Contract Administration, Project Management and all Construction Field Services (provisional) including Contract Administration and Construction Inspection.

Client: Regional Municipality of York
Location: King, Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Booster Pumping Station

Contract Administration for Construction of King City Booster Pumping Station

The King City Booster Pumping Station Project is located at 12640 Dufferin Street in the Township of King. The new pumping station is constructed at the site of an existing elevated tank (Dufferin Street and Fisher Street). Under this project, the King City Booster Pump Station replaces the existing temporary diesel pumps and supplies water from the Pressure District 8 (PD8) watermain to the King City Elevated Tank Dufferin Street (KCETDS), and also to King City Elevated Tank Fisher Street (KCETFS).

ETO Engineering is retained by the York Region as the Prime Consultant for the two-year construction Contract Administration, site inspection, SCADA programming and system commissioning. This new infrastructure construction project includes a full scope of architectural, structural, civil, process, HVAC, electrical and instrumentation control.

Client: Regional Municipality of York
Location: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Water Pumping Station

Maple Pumping Station Capacity Expansion

Maple Pumping Station, which is the largest pumping facility within the Region’s Water Distribution System, is located at 10588 Keele Street in the City of Vaughan. It is a two-zone pumping station, which pumps water from Maple Reservoir (90 ML) to Pressure District 7 (PD7) and Pressure District 8 (PD8), with two separate sets of pumps.

Building on the success of the PD7 upgrade, ETO Engineering is retained once again as the Prime Consultant for the PD8 pumping system upgrade. ETO will be responsible for the overall project delivery including Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Construction Contract Administration and Commissioning.

Client: City of Guelph
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Market: Municipal
Category: Pumping Station

F.M. Woods Pumping Station Discharge Replacement

Woods Pumping Station was constructed in 1981 and is the largest within the water distribution system of the City of Guelph. The process equipment are of the original construction and are showing signs of wear ant tear. In particular, the discharge valve of Pump No.1 (284L/s, 350HP, 4160V) is leaking significantly and is at high risk of failure. Pump No.1 discharge header was replaced in 2013. The purpose of this repair project is to replace the discharge headers for Pump No.2 (375L/s, 450HP) and No.3 (300L/s, 350HP), complete with with a motorized valve, check valve, air valve, piping, electrical and SCADA work.

ETO Engineering was retained by the City of Guelph for this State-of-Good-Repair (SOGR) project at F. M. Woods Pumping Station.